Livestream: The Trauma of Caste with Author Thenmozhi Soundararajan

I sat down with Thenmozhi @dalitdiva on Instagram live on November 7th to discuss her book The Trauma of Caste: A Dalit Feminist Meditation on Survivorship, Healing, and Abolition. She spoke about her experiences writing the book and her learnings as an organizer. We closed out our conversation with Thenmozhi sharing her methods of finding courage to continue her activism in the face of oppression. I first encountered Thenmozhi’s work when I attended the Unlearning Caste Supremacy workshop she taught through Equality Labs and I’m so excited to have her here today to continue the conversation!

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More about Thenmozhi

Thenmozhi is a Dalit American artist, community organizer, technologist, and theorist. Currently, she is the executive director of Equality Labs, which she co-founded. Equality Labs is the largest Dalit civil rights organization working to empower caste-oppressed people in the US and globally. Through her work at Equality Labs, Thenmozhi has mobilized South Asian Americans towards dismantling many systems of oppression, with the goal of ending caste apartheid, gender-based violence, white supremacy, and religious intolerance.

Thenmozhi’s intersectional, cross-pollinating work — research, education, art, activism, and digital security—helps to create a more generous, global, expansive, and inclusive definition of South Asian identity, along with safe spaces from which to honor the stories of these communities. Her work has been recognized by the US Congress, The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Producers Guild of America Diversity Program, and many other institutions. She has also been featured on NBC, ABC, BBC, CNN, and Al Jazeera, and in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Guardian.

Be sure to pre-order or purchase Thenmozhi’s ground-breaking book The Trauma of Caste: A Dalit Feminist Meditation on Survivorship, Healing, and Abolition which will be released on November 15, 2022.


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