Every Makeup Product I Own (All $30 and Under!)

Every time I post a selfie or a close-up of my makeup, I get a couple of questions about the different makeup products I use – whether it’s the shade of eyeshadow or the brand of concealer I wear. This actually came as a surprise to me, because I’ve never had a lot of makeup in my collection in favor of keeping my routine to a few simple products.

That said, the products I use and love are ones I have been going back to for years for day-to-day looks or formal glam – while replacing them at regular intervals per expiry dates, of course! These products range from a $5 liquid eyeliner to a $30 eyeshadow palette that’s been my go-to for 4 years, through two different editions.

Anjali with her partner wearing several of the products listed in this blog post

Here, you’ll find the full list of all the products I use – I’ll update this post regularly with anything new I bring into my routine. Keep scrolling to read more about each of the products separated by categories!

This is a complete list of the products I use, divided into categories. I’ve included my preferred shade(s) for each of the products. I also added a little description for each product to share what I love about it!


Image Courtesy of Ulta.com
Image Courtesy of Ulta.com
Image Courtesy of Sephora.com
  • Tarte Maneater 2 Palette – My go-to shadow palette, with lots of brown skin-friendly neutrals. My everyday shadow look includes purr on my lids, saucy in my crease, midnight along my lash line, and lace on my inner corners.
  • Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner – Black – The extra skinny tip is key for me; it helps me create extra clean lines. I personally prefer dipping a liner brush over using a pen-tip liner, as I have more control over how much gets applied with each stroke.
  • Sephora Collection Long Lasting Kohl Pencil – Black – Easy to use, affordable and long lasting pencil liner for smudged out looks.


Image courtesy of Nars Cosmetics
Image courtesy of Too Faced
Image courtesy of Sephora
Image Courtesy of Sephora
Image Courtesy of Target.com
  • Nars Climax Extreme Mascara – Carbon Black – My favorite for dramatic looks, on a recommendation from fellow creator Sahara. This product is a relatively new release, and it gives me serious length and volume. Even if I’m not wearing liner, this mascara gives me a dramatic look.
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – Black – I reach for this mascara for more everyday look. It packs a serious punch volume-wise, but doesn’t look too dramatic for day-to-day looks. I prefer this version over the waterproof one for daily wear, as the waterproof is a bit more stubborn to remove.
  • Sephora Collection Brush Tip Lash Adhesive – Clear – This no-nonsense lash glue lasts all day, and doesn’t make me feel like I’m ripping out my natural lashes when I remove it. It’s become my go-to over the cult favorite Ardell duo lash glue because it’s more gentle, and doesn’t give me that dreaded inner-corner liftoff with my falsies after hours of wear.
  • House of Lashes x Sephora Collection – Iris – When I wear falsies, I don’t like a look that’s too heavy – it just doesn’t seem to suit my face the way it does other people, and that’s okay! I love these lashes for a more dramatic look for weddings or other special events, without feeling like my lashes overpower my face.
  • Ardell False Eyelashes – Extension FX L-Curl – As a girl with hooded eyes (my eyelids disappear almost completely when my eyes are open – but these are different from monolids!), discovering L-curl lashes was a game changer! These lashes work on me without making my eyelid area look “crowded”. If you have hooded eyelids and have thought falsies never looked quite right on you, these are the lashes for you!


Image courtesy of Sephora
Image courtesy of Glossier
  • Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil – Dark Brown – This pencil is a crowd-pleaser for a reason. Its pencil tip goes on precisely, while the brush end blurs the lines to make it look more natural. The dark brown is perfect for my skin tone and brow shade, and I’d recommend it for anyone with a similar complexion and black brows.
  • Glossier Boy Brow – Clear & Brown – This gel keeps my brows in place – because I’ve definitely woken up with an eyebrow cowlick before! I use this either alone on light to no makeup days, or after my brow pencil when I’m doing a full face.


Image courtesy of Sephora
Image courtesy of Sephora
  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – Biscuit (Med/Dark 1) – I don’t wear foundation, so finding a concealer that would hide my dark undereye circles but still blend into my skin and look natural was a bit of a challenge – but the NARS radiant creamy concealer does just that! It’s not as intense coverage as other faves like the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, but it covers up my undereye circles and doesn’t give me a ghosty-looking undereye in flash photos, so it’s a win for me! I wear the shade Biscuit year-round.
  • Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder – This setting powder eliminated my creasing on my concealer. I apply it after my concealer to set it, and it doesn’t budge all day.


Image courtesy of Glossier
Image courtesy of Vesca
  • Glossier Cloud Paint Blush – Storm & Beam – This blush is also on my list of favorites from Glossier. Between the shades storm and beam, I’m covered for any type of look: evening, daytime, glam, or casual. Since I don’t wear foundation, I love that the cream consistency makes it look like I’m glowing from within.
  • Vesca Beauty Bronzer – Diani – I loved the entire range of Vesca bronzers, but the shade I reach for most often is Diani. It also doubles as eyeshadow if I’m in a pinch and want an all-over color!


Image courtesy of Sephora
Image courtesy of Sephora
Image courtesy of Glossier
Image courtesy of Mishti Makeup
  • LANEIGE Lip Glowy Balm – Grapefruit – At $17, this lip balm is a splurge item, but it’s one of my favorite products and I use it every day! The balm goes on soft and isn’t sticky, and it’s one of those balms that leaves my lips feeling moisturized even after I stop using it for a day or two, unlike petroleum based balms. I love its high quality ingredients, and using it feels like a treat. I’ve tried pear and grapefruit, but grapefruit is definitely my favorite.
  • Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Gloss – Clear – I started using this lip gloss after fellow creator Seerat Saini recommended it on her stories. I usually apply this lip-plumping product right when I start doing my makeup to give it some time to work its magic before applying color, and then top up on it afterwards if I want a glossy look. I love that it gives me added fullness to my lips without injections.
  • Glossier Generation G Lipstick – Leo & Jam – This is another product that’s on my Glossier must-haves list. Jam and Leo are my favorite shades for my skin tone, and they really make my lips pop!
  • Mishti Makeup Lipstick – First Date – Finally, I love this shade of brown from Mishti Rahman’s makeup line, Mishti makeup. It looks so good on my skin tone – exactly as Mishti designed it to – and lasts all day. I use this lip crayon either alone for a matte look, or under gloss if I want a bit of shine.

I’m so excited to continue adding to this list as I review new products to share with you guys! Have you tried any of these products? If so, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below – or feel free to share your makeup must-haves!

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